The first Open software Bluetooth
speaker and much more

So cheap you can afford as much as you want !

ESP Muse is not just another bluetooth speaker, you can download any
custom application on it. Just use one of our remade app as you will do on your phone,
or programme it yourself using the Arduino IDE.

  • LINE output (24bits)
  • 24 Bit I2S Dac
  • Headphone output (24bits)
  • 24 Bit I2S Dac
  • 2x1.3W Stereo Amplifier for external speakers
  • Stereo onbard speakers
  • 2 Onboard microphones
  • Stereo 3.5mm LINE jack input
  • Stereo 3.5mm MICROPHONE jack input

To use as a standalone speaker (expect the same quality and power as a high end phone).
To use with as pair of old non amplified system from a backyard sell.

Could be used for radio project, standalone art project,as a all in one audio card.

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